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TACO Media Resources

We know - there are a lot of words on this website! So, to give you a little taste of what TACO ministry looks and sounds like, check out some of the videos on this page and in the links on the right.

Promotional Videos

A great 2 minute introduction to what we do - great for showing when you don't have much time to share but want to show folks a little of what TACO does.

You can find our old "Mission Impossible" themed promo video here.

Face-to-Face Street Shows

Drama, dance, music and puppetry combined to tell stories that Muslim audiences recognise in languages they speak using art-forms that feel closer to home. We've put together two shows now: the one below takes a parable approach to the creation/fall story from Genesis. And the one here tells the story of Abraham (in Turkish - but there is an Arabic version also).

No Longer Music

Combining crazy stage antics, larger-than-life theatre, driving post-punk rock/industrial music and a powerful story that is different and yet strangely familiar, No Longer Music are one of the staples of the TACO summer touring calendar. People are always impacted by God working through their passion and creativity.

Arts and Missions. So, how does that work?

In 2011 the Jon Simpson band and some dancers came to Turkey to share the Gospel primarily through their art. Here are some clips from the tour along with an explanation of the rationale behind it.

Island Outreach on "Büyükada"

On the 23rd of April every year, tens of thousands of Turkish nationals visit an Island in Istanbul called Büyük Ada to climb the hill to an ancient Greek monastery and pray for a blessing. Folklore has it that if you visit the monastery and light a candle or run an unbroken piece of string from the bottom of the hill up to the monastery, you will receive an answer to your prayer. Watch the video to see what that looks like...

Here are links to videos from some of the groups we work with on a regular basis.


Past world-champion unicyclist wows the crowds with crazy tricks and a message of what can truly fill our lives. Check out his performance on Turkey's national talent show "Yetenek Siziniz" here!

Adrian Van Vactor

Adrian Van Vactor is an International Award-Winning Illusionist who captivates the senses, challenges the mind, and touches the heart. Illusions bridge the gap between the timeless truths of God's word and our fast changing world. Here is a link to one of his promo videos.


Drakeford is young, talented singer/songwriter who was full-time on our residential team in Turkey for a few years. Here is one of his music videos, filmed while on a TACO Tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Team Rock

A team of champion martial artists use their extreme skills to break things! Both entertaining and impressive to watch, Team Rock have toured twice now in Turkey with plans for more. See them in action here.

Jon Simpson

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jon Simpson has been on the TACO play-list since at least 2008. A blend of intelligent rock with lyrics to match, Jon's a great guy to work with - passionate about music and what the Gospel should look like if it's really true. Check out one of his videos here.