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"I don't like the idea of raising support."

Well, if you did, you'd be the first! But we also have to gently tell you one thing - it makes you selfish. Maybe that sounds harsh. Let me explain. God has called everyone to "go into all the world." Well, not everyone is going to get on a plane - but Jesus calls them to the same mission as those of us mucking about in foreign lands. So, how do they get involved? They PRAY. Absolutely. But you know, when you are praying, your heart gets involved and where your heart is, there will your treasure be also. Same thing in reverse. When people support you, they pray - because that's where their treasure is! God's built a wonderful system whereas by going, you bring along a whole crowd of people who've never even heard of Wanna-buy-a-vowel-istan but because they love YOU, they pray, they support you and soon their hearts are captured by these strange lands and peoples. Ask any of us who've lost supporters because they then left for the mission field themselves!

"I love what you're doing but I have no skills in the creative arts."

Please read the page on backstage heroes. Our capacity is limited, not because of the lack of artists, but because of the lack of administrators, lovers of hospitality, drivers, sound men, bookkeepers, cooks and people who cheerfully run errands! Our team leader plays air guitar - and that's it. Contact us and let's talk about how your gifts can fit into our team.

"What do I do when I'm not on tour?"

It's a good thing you asked because if you come for longer than one tour, probably MOST of your time is not on tour!  Just like life's not just cheesecake - most of it's the meat, potatoes, vegetables and salad. Those staples of our life here on the field, particularly in the first two years, are language study, culture study and training, being out and about with people getting into their lives and making friends. We really LIVE in Istanbul. And because we do, we want to speak the language as well as we can and understand the culture so we can understand what makes people tick. We want to make friends because Jesus tells us to love them and it's a lot easier to love friends than strangers. We also do our laundry, run on the seafront, drink coffee at Starbucks and spend too much time on Facebook. Just like you! So you might as well come do it with us.

"But I can't learn a language!"

How do you know? If you are thinking of the kind of language study you did in high/secondary school, no wonder. No one can really learn a language that way. But you'll learn when you're hungry, go into a restaurant, and no one speaks English. It's amazing how your motivation improves. We'll walk with you on the journey - you'll have regular classes, lessons, weekly input at the team meeting (fun things with the language) and even a language coach to help! We've all been there. We've all started not knowing even one word and now we're writing articles, songs and plays in Turkish. And probably you can too.

OK, I'm ready to come! What next?

You probably need a plane ticket!  Check out www.kayak.com for good prices for flights.

Do I need a visa?

For Turkey, yes. It is simple to obtain an e-visa online. The fees and length of stay may vary depending on your country of residence. To apply for an e-visa, go to https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ to submit your information, make a payment and print it out. You'll save time at the airport by avoiding the queue and can go straight to passport control!

If you're joining us and heading to another country, please check with your own consulate about passport and visa requirements.

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