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"One Way Ticket"

Ok, maybe 'one way ticket' is an exaggeration. But after coming on TACO's two year programme, you just might get too attached - to Turkey's warm and hospitable people, to doing radical church with others, to seeing God's kingdom come in visible ways all around you - to want to use the return part of your ticket!

TACO members on the two year programme participate in evangelism and tours like everyone with TACO. But they are involved in a much deeper way in daily life in Turkey. They do focused, supervised language study. They receive training that opens up the culture to them in ways that short-termers don't get to experience. They become friends with neighbours. They folk dance on the streets on New Year's Eve. They join the crush of bodies at the Independence Day fireworks.

They grow in their knowledge of God and His plan for the nations. They grow in Christlikeness as they overcome homesickness, loneliness and culture stress. They learn what real love is as they become family with people from different cultures, countries and denominations.

If you think God might be leading you to join TACO for two years, click on the 'contact' tab above - we'd love to see how our journeys converge.

Bob's story

As I was finishing up university and looking at the world ahead of me, I couldn't shake a burning desire to get out to the unreached. I didn’t know where God wanted me or what exactly I should be doing, I really just wanted to get somewhere where nobody knew his truth and then see the gospel rip forward. Because I’d played in lots of bands with my friends, I often dreamed of doing concerts where we would share Jesus with all the lost people gathered. So when someone came to my school and explained how they were doing just that amongst millions and millions of unreached Muslims, I was riveted. I remember him explaining how people could join for a couple of years, come help with these outreaches and learn the language and learn how to share Christ with all these people.

Long story short, I took him up on the offer and hopped on the plane. In my first year I got to start doing those concerts that I dreamed of, and I got to start speaking a whole new language and adjusting to a whole new world. I found a people eager to chat and very helpful as I was figuring things out. Most importantly, through it all, God taught me what I had been desiring for years. In this new language and new world, I was learning to confess Him and share His good news in very dark places. I rarely was able to share the good news in my home country, but I always ached for it. Now I was able to constantly meet new people and share all over the place, in the streets, barber shops, coffee houses, and markets full of friendly people. And I was able to spend all my weeks, months, and years doing this! When my first two years ran out, I knew I had to keep plugging away, so after a visit home, I'm back and still joyfully running forward. There are lots of people to tell and lots of disciples to be made. Is He calling you to give up your plans in your home country and give your life to sharing Him with the unreached?