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You, who are reading this, are very special. Why? Because God has created you in TWO ways. First, he created you in his image and in a precious and unique design. There is only one you! No one before or after will ever have your SHAPE - Spiritual gifts that He wants to give you, your Heart, your Abilities, your Personality and your Experiences.

Second, you have been created with a purpose - for relationship with the Lover and Creator of the universe who has a mission for you that only you can do. So, if you don't yet know him, we invite you to become who you were meant to be by entering into a relationship with the one who loves you and will never love you nor forsake you - Jesus Christ. He gave everything for you and we would love to help you get to know him. Contact us if you are interested in exploring a relationship with Him.

‘Tis not the skill of human art,
Which gives me power my God to know;
The sacred lessons of the heart
Come not from instruments below.

 Love is my teacher. He can tell
The wonders that He learnt above;
No other master knows so well; -
This Love alone can tell of Love.

Oh! Then, of God if thou wouldst learn.
His wisdom, goodness, glory see;
All human arts and knowledge spurn,
Let Love alone thy teacher be.

Love is my master. When it breaks,
The morning light, with rising ray,
To thee, O God! My spirit wakes,
And Love instructs it all the day.

And when the gleams of day retire.
And midnight spreads its dark control,
Love’s secret whispers still inspire
Their holy lessons in the soul.

Madam Guyon