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"Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together." John Ruskin

Images speak a universal language. They influence our thoughts, our feelings, our attitudes and ultimately our actions. Powerful leaders, successful companies and others who seek to influence us know this and use this in all kinds of ways. We want to use images and the visual arts as influences for good - to communicate Christ’s love and forgiveness, to build relationships and to connect with other artists and the people around us. Christians have long used images and art to spread the gospel and we are reclaiming that tradition. We believe that many who are indifferent or uninterested in God might be open to a work of art speaking to their hearts.

Will you join us?

Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, videographer or any other type of visual artist, we would love to work with you. If you have a passion to see the lost reached with the Good News through your art, then TACO is the place for you. Come work alongside local artists and share about who drives your passion for art. Come put on an exhibition of your work and share about the Creator with those who come through the studio. Come and help us with some visuals for our stages and screens on tour. Come and put some promotional materials together to champion the arts and mission. We would love to work with you to find the best way to use your gifts in an international context.

All you have to do is click contact so that we can start chatting about a good fit for you. You can use the same form to send along to us any questions you have. We'll get back to you as soon as we can - you can go back to your easel now.

We look forward to having you with us soon!

Forming Relationships through Art

"After nine months in Turkey another team member and I took a small group of artists to a small town in central Turkey for about two and a half weeks. Our goal was to create art work and set up an exhibition in the town – all while building relationships with the locals. Each morning we prayed over the town, prayed that the work we were creating would provide people with a window to hope in Christ, and prayed for relationships to form between the locals and us. Each day we walked down a hill into the center of town heading for our work space and each day we received many greetings and invitations to have tea. Our exhibition was attended by many, but the greatest answers to prayer were the relationships formed and the hours we spent with the people who returned to talk to us night after night.

We weren't always able to share the gospel with them, but the new relationships served as a foundation for the team that returned the following year. Two members of the original group, myself included, returned with other artists and were able to reconnect with the same people. In the second year, though, we were able to have many spiritual conversations with them as well as distribute gospel literature. We were also able to partner more with the local workers and local believers and connect them to the many that came to our exhibition. The two trips were some of the most challenging periods of time, artistically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but the challenges brought me closer to the Lord and closer to the culture in which I was living."Michelle