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Backstage Heroes

"Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all." Mark 9:35

“Behind every successful man is a hard working woman”; maybe they should also say, “Behind every famous rock star is a balding sound man”. Well maybe not balding, but in truth, without support staff none of the up-front stuff could happen. Whether it’s sound equipment and lights that need setting up and controlling, vehicles that need driving long distances or just heavy equipment that needs unloading in the hot sun, the folks that come and serve behind the scenes with TACO really are backstage heroes.

Will you join us?

Are you a sound engineer? We would love to have you come and make us sound good! Do you love to drive? We would love to have you come and drive our equipment or passenger van and support the team in that way. Do you love to carry and pack things? OK, we confess we've never really met anyone like that. But the show doesn't go on without it! We would love to have you come and be one of our roadies and help pack our equipment in our vans. Do you love to organize events? We would love to have you come and help manage the details on the road around our shows. We need sound and light electricians, graphic designers, costume designers/ seamstresses, prayer intercessors, people with video skills (camera and editing) and those gifted with hospitality. Most of our backstage heroes wear numerous hats and some of them occasionally perform front-stage as well.

We would not be able to do what we do without these kinds of heroes behind the scenes! If any of these jobs sound interesting to you, please click contact. We would love to chat with you and see where you would fit in TACO ministries. We look forward to having you as one of our heroes soon!

Service and Flexibility

"I remember my reaction when I first heard that TACO needed tech help - I was floored and giddy. I’ve now been on half a dozen trips and each time I’m impressed by the professionalism, attitude and diversity of the team. Team members come from all around the world to make these trips happen and it’s always an honor to add my gifts and talents and see what God does with them.

A major gift that support crew bring is the gift of service. Backstage crew with a desire to serve and a willingness to be interminably flexible make an amazing contribution to the functioning of the team and success of the tour. Often people are pushed beyond their comfort zones and it’s in those times that God’s faithfulness is evident. It is, more often than not, those times that people view as the best thing that happened to them on the trip.

When on a Taco tour I get the title of 'Sound Engineer', but I never know what other roles I will be filling. The only limits to the possibilities of what I experience are the limits I place on myself. During my first trip I was taken from the sound board and put on stage. I not only went from backstage to onstage, but I was given the opportunity to present the Gospel, through a translator, to the crowd there. Over a dozen people responded to that message because I was willing to be flexible and let God use me in unexpected ways."Todd