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Single Tour 

Most people new to TACO join us first on a single tour - going to one place for a set amount of time between one and three weeks. We're grateful to the many who've come to join us as instrumentalists, vocalists, sound engineers, drivers or being a clown or an illusionist! And now you too might have a skill and a passion to use it for Jesus' sake that we need on an upcoming TACO tour!

TACO short-termers raise their own finance meaning the airfare to come, the visa to enter the country and the costs on the ground such as accommodation, food and transportation. We can provide you with materials that will help you raise the funds and will do what we can to help you communicate. We'll also ask you for a reference or two. We've learned not to trust mothers' evaluation of their children's abilities. :-)

You'll be provided with orientation when you arrive, a great group of people to minister with, and a debrief when you leave. But be warned - you won't return as the same person who came! Your friends will get tired of hearing the statistics of how many believers there are in Kyrgyzstan or the amazing things that God is doing in Albania.

So if you're passionate about putting your gift on the altar for Jesus, click on the 'contact' tab above. We hope to see you on an upcoming TACO tour!

Rohan's Story

"My passion for Jesus started on April 4 2010, when I cried out for His power to live. I died that day, and the weight of the world vanished as the life Jesus poured out filled my being right to the core.

Jesus lives, and because He lives I live to see Him glorified. I have had many years experience playing and performing music, never quite finding fulfilment in music ‘till I discovered a reason to perform. I searched for creative art and music outreach opportunities, and through contacts I made on a mission a year earlier, I discovered TACO – a group of people with an extraordinary passion to reach the lost, in whatever artistic means they could. So, as I prayed for opportunities, God opened the door to connect with this team, and I found myself in May 2012, with saxophone in hand, flying across to Kyrgyzstan (a country I never knew existed previously).

I had ideas and presumptions of what creative arts outreach looked like, presumptions God very quickly challenged as He changed and rearranged plans around us. Ironically it was these very things He did, the unscheduled changes and impromptu performances, that made the most impact to the people that gathered.

I am so very thankful for the lessons I learned over there, and the privilege it was to serve alongside TACO seeking to win souls with a passion for the glory of Jesus.

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