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TACO welcomes people who want to come longer than just a single tour but aren't quite ready to sign away their lives on the dotted line yet!

We fit so perfectly into a 'gap year' - that year between school and university. Or maybe you're between careers and want to dip your toe into cross-cultural living and language learning - for a view of coming back longer. If it's an internship opportunity you're looking for, TACO could be the place for you!

In any case, TACO might be a great fit for you to come for a period of less than two years. If you're single, you'll be welcomed into one of the team flats. You'll receive training in language and culture. And you'll participate with the team on regular outreaches in Istanbul and to other places that TACO travels.

Married couples are also welcome and we'll find accommodation that gives you your own space during your time with us.

If you're interested in being a short-term member of the TACO team, click on the 'contact' tab above and let's start the conversation.

Aimee's story

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"I joined TACO for almost 4 months over the summer; joining two tours in Albania, one in Turkey and one in Central Asia as well as doing other spontaneous outreaches along the way. It was incredible being part of a team that are all using their talents and gifts for God and furthering his Kingdom. I learnt so much about how God could use my dance in a great variety of situations from leading dance workshops and dancing in churches to dancing on an outside stage to an audience of 1,000 people or on dusty bridge in a Roma village. God taught me how to find my security in him, not looking to people for approval in my dancing but knowing that His approval is always there. This made me so much more confident and able to be focussed on him when dancing in outreaches.

One of my highlights was talking to a lady after a show at a cultural centre in Antalya. I had shared about why I dance and she was so excited about the message. She said she could see the closeness of God in our hearts when we danced and the love of him through our dances. She took a new testament, a CD and all the literature that was available on the table after the performance and told us that she was planning to come to church on Sunday and bring her son too!

I loved so much to collaborate with bands, a unicyclist, a clown, drama and other dancers throughout my time and enjoyed learning a lot from them and their experiences.This short term trip has definitely been the biggest and best experience of my life. I know it is also a beginning not an end and I will return at some point again to join the team or a tour and also use my experience from this short term time to build on in other places. I realised how much people in the world need God and how much we need to respond to that and tell people what Jesus has done!"