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General Donations

TACO is supported by the prayers and financial gifts of individuals, churches and foundations who share our passion to reach the hearts of Muslim people.

TACO’s workers each raise their own personal financial and prayer support. Short termers too cover their own costs. However there are considerable expenses not covered by individual's personal support : additional travel costs, sound and other equipment, the van to transport the equipment and people, printing materials, producing CDs, etc.

We welcome all occasional gifts, but even more important to sustaining our work are individuals with a heart for this ministry who will commit to regular gifts, be that monthly, quarterly or annual gifts.

In addition to general donations we ask you to consider the following:

In Memoriam Gifts:

Make a gift in memory of a loved one who has passed away. 

Legacy Gifts:

Arranged during your lifetime but not available until sometime in the future, a Legacy gift enables your dream of supporting creative outreach to Muslims to live on. Legacy gifts are not just for the wealthy. Even people of modest means can make a meaningful contribution to TACO.

Some families contribute a tithe on the estate of a loved one to a specific project. This is another way to support the ministry of TACO. 

In Honour Gifts:

Celebrate a special occasion in the life of a friend, family member or colleague with a donation to Taco on their behalf. Or if you are celebrating a special occasion, invite guests who wish to honor you, to contribute to Taco rather than giving you an actual gift.

How to Give

The TACO team is comprised of people from various organisations, with many coming via Operation Mobilisation. OM is happy to receive donations on our behalf, bless them! Please visit OM's giving page here.