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"Crowds" in Bulgaria

September 8, 2013

Greetings from the team in Bulgaria! We are doing a couple of puppet shows, music, drama and dance here in the Razgrad area of Bulgaria where there are lots of Turkish-speaking Muslim folks. Although, due to the vanishing populations in Bulgaria (lots of folks leaving to find work and a new life in other countries), perhaps "lots" is not the right word. One thing we are usually not facing here is over-crowding! Last night we ate dinner next to three 10-storey apartments blocks - that looked abandoned judging by the absence of any lights. Please pray that those few folks who do see what we do would stop and be touched by the message we are presenting, and that God would inject a bit of hope into the many people here who seem to live in difficult situations.

Update: Two days ago an older lady who has been reading the NT and meeting with some workers here had a bit of an "oh, now I get it" moment when she saw the Abraham drama and realised what Jesus' sacrifice meant in a new way. She decided now was the time to start following Jesus - so that was some great news!