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July 16, 2013

Dear friends,

Our team is in Albania where they are the featured performers in the first Christian festival in a medium sized town.  This is the town where many of the believers came to the Lord through Taco concerts in recent years.

Our team has had a tiring week in Turkey preparing for this.  Last night, at the first event, almost nothing went right.  The stage was four hours late, the sound team was ill prepared and then the mixer blew.  This meant that the concert had to be cancelled.

The team had great attitudes and decided to do a spontaneous street show but it was a big disappointment for many.

On top of that, Peter on our team was told by the Turkish border guards that he had a 3 month ban because of overstaying his visa - though the reason for overstaying is that the government is so backed up on residence appointments that the appointment he made on May 15th is for September 2nd!  He will go to the Turkish consulate in Albania tomorrow to plead for mercy - and a new visa!

Would you please pray for:

     1.  Grace, unity and love in the team, despite hardships?

     2.  For Blerim, Kerri and the local organisers who have never run a festival before - they are learning there is more to it than they thought!

     3.  For God to do miracles and let effective ministry happen, even if it is in a different form than we'd expected.

Thank you for holding us up in prayer!