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May 22, 2014

What a ten days it has been.  Because of the mining disaster in Turkey, all public music and 'celebration' was cancelled for about five days - just as we had two tours starting.  We were grieved too - and asked God to show us the way.  

Our new street theatre, The Gardener, did its first performances in front of a university in Istanbul on Sunday.  We had a sign expressing our sorrow for the tragedy and handbills with bank numbers where donations could be sent.  This was appreciated.  We had three performances in front of large crowds.  When a girl was gushing how much she liked the performance to one of our girls, she was asked if she understood the message.  `Oh yes!` she said. `Jesus came to earth to save us and help us find our way back to the garden!`

The team has now been in three different provinces since Monday, with lots of good crowds and more than 100 surveys filled out for more info!  Please pray for the next week, more provinces and that even more would hear and understand the message.

Team Stone has had a rougher time - vehicle issues, trouble finding the right bricks for the martial arts team, illness and many other problems.  We're trusting this is because God wants to use them so much!  They just arrived in the south of Turkey tonight, an intact team for the first time.  PLEASE PRAY for love, unity and annointing to proclaim Jesus.