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September 10, 2014

We currently have an outreach happening in Albania.  It started rocky when it appeared some local relationships were strained.  Another organisation had come in much better funded - and generous in spreading that funding about -  and so our local organisers were disgruntled at what it was costing them to host us.  

But we see God giving breakthroughs in the weather, in relationships and in fruit!  Our team leader reports:

"Today we went to a small village called Mucoj. They had expected a large crowd to come but not many showed up. In spite of the small crowd, though, the pastor there and our organizers all were pretty excited about the show. They said that even though the crowd was small they had a good amount of interest. They said that it seemed like everyone there wanted more information and for someone to meet with them more to talk about Jesus. Sabri encouraged by saying, “Don’t look at the size of the crowd, look at the quality of the crowd. Last night’s crowd were few but of very good quality in interest.”

Pray that many of those showing interest would come to faith - already we have seen several churches planted across Albania as a result of small, creative shows that preach the Gospel clearly.