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Outreach on Büyük Ada

April 19, 2013

Every year on April 23, thousands of people take a short ferry ride to Büyük Ada (Big Island) just off the coast of Istanbul. The main aim of most folks is to visit an old Orthodox church building on the island and receive a "blessing" from the priest - even though almost none of the folks who come are Christians.

In recent years, Christians from all over Istanbul have banded together to pray, worship and share the gospel with these pilgrims. Last year, the weather was good, and estimates put numbers at around 70,000. Yep, that's a lot of folks to talk to about Jesus!

Taco will be sending a dance, drama, puppetry and music team over this year to draw crowds and engage them with the Gospel message. Please pray for us...

  • Weather: We can't perform in the rain - but more importantly, bad weather will keep people at home.
  • Energy: It's a 7am start to catch the ferry, and we don't get back to the mainland till 6pm. Between then, we will perform our different shows many, many, times...
  • Local artists: As April 23 is also a national holiday, we'll have a few nationals performing publicly with us. Pray that all of us will remember our parts and be bold in sharing.
  • Grace: It's a long day with huge crowds and all the uncertainty that can go with that. People can get tired and cranky pretty easily. We will need patience and grace with each other.