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Pray for NLM in Albania

June 30, 2013

NLM's first show in Albania was in what is considered one the "Mecca” of Albania. The local partners told us that it is a city of 18,000 people and with only 15 known Christians.

The concert site was opposite a large mosque. A crowd of around 500 people gathered (plus a large group of people watching from the mosque across the street). Throughout the show, several fights broke out and the atmosphere was tense.

When the show finished, Ben was able to preach from the stage, calling the crowd to follow the Jesus who had come to pay the penalty for the bad things they'd done.  Aaron was able to invite those who wanted to know more about Jesus to join him off the stage. A large group came to the fire and listened to Aaron share about following Jesus.

As Aaron was sharing, an angry man started walking through the crowd yelling at all the people to stop listening to us. He was telling them that they were Muslims and that they followed Allah. It was a very tense moment and though it was clear that many wanted to listen, things soon started breaking up. This man started yelling, saying that they already know God and that He is Allah.

Then this man rallied a group of around 100 people for an impromptu Islamic rally in front of the mosque. They began chanting "allahu akbar" and other Islamic phrases, clapping and working themselves up.  Despite all this going on, the team was able to pray and talk with many people.  Over 40 people filled out surveys because they wanted to receive more information about Jesus - very significant in a town of only 15 believers! Our local church partners will pray and follow up with each one of them.

We are very thankful for God's protection and even more aware that we are in a battle for people's souls. We do not fight against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. Please pray for the tour, that God would stir up hearts to sink him.  Pray too for protection for the band and team.