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Steiger outreach starting

January 9, 2013

Today we have 8 folks doing a discipleship training course in Germany with Steiger coming to Turkey for 2 weeks (and tomorrow, three more from the Ukraine). After a couple of days of orientation stuff, they will be doing a bunch or personal evangelism. Please pray for:

  • Lots of great opportunities to meet and talk with English, German or Russian speaking people in İstanbul and Turkey
  • Great team unity. We're all quite a disparate bunch, and one person doesn't speak any English!
  • Good enough weather that we can get out to meet people (İstanbul schools are currently closed under a blanket of snow)
  • God to touch not only the people the team talks with, but also to inspire all of us with his heart for the millions of Muslims in this country who have no idea what Jesus did for them.