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TACO Albania Spring - Prayer update #2

May 7, 2015

Dear Friends,

Saturday evening we presented in a school courtyard for a community in Tirana. There were lots of kids again but because of the setting we were able to keep things more contained and controlled. The band blended together even better. Jarred was a crowd favorite as he created a song with his loop pedal. An older Albanian man really loved Chris' singing and hung out after the show talking up a storm in Italian. He must have had an opera background because he belted out a few Italian tunes of his own. It was quite entertaining.

Many Bibles and other Christian literature were handed out again after the show to eager recipients. Sam talked to an interested guy for quite a while afterwards. This guy is Muslim but really connected with our message and took a Bible home to read. He is struggling financially so pray for his material needs as well as his spiritual needs. Also pray for wisdom as Sam continues to connect with him via Facebook.

Sunday night our show was cozy, as our "stage" and audience were all contained on a sidewalk. Despite the awkward set up, a couple hundred people gathered and quite a few raised their hands indicating a desire to follow Jesus! There is an active church near the area where we performed and many from the church attended and helped. There was a sign on a light pole in the intersection next to us advertising the church location down the road, which Dustin pointed out as he challenged people to connect with the church. There wasn't a place for our grounding rod so a few shocks were delivered to the musicians from their mics and other metal. Thankfully, they all survived and still made great music tonight!

Over 300 Bibles have been handed out at our 3 shows and dozens have indicated a desire to follow Jesus for the first time! Thanks for praying with us for these people to connect with local churches and grow in their understanding of and commitment to God!

Me Shprese (With Hope),

TACO Albania team