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TACO Albania Spring - Prayer update #3

May 7, 2015

Hey Friends,

Monday, our show was in an area just outside Tirane where there was a huge and horrible explosion in 2008 destroying hundreds of homes and buildings, killing 26 people and injuring over 300. You can read more about it here: There was a church in this area before the tragedy but not since. One of the former church members died in the explosion.

Our show was outside a cafe for a very small but enthusiastic and polite audience. A local church planter hosted our event and used it to announce the launch of a new church plant starting this coming Wednesday at a building nearby which was the first to be rebuilt in the area. Such a privilege to be part of the start of a church where one hasn't existed in 7 years!

The pastor wrapped up our show by singing a few Albanian songs of his own. Sabre and a few others from the audience burst into Albanian dancing while he sang. A few guys from our team bravely and humorously jumped in and attempted the fancy steps. Afterward, the pastor blessed everyone on our team with gifts of his CD. Sam connected with a bunch of Albanian guys with his few Albanian phrases and found himself included in a card game in the cafe.

Please pray that many will attend the church meeting on Wednesday in the area where we just presented.

Tomorrow we leave Tirane for a few days and head south. Pray for safe travels and prepared hearts for those we'll share with in Berat and Kuchova the next two days. In Berat, a church was planted as a result of TACO's previous visit. That church has now planted two other churches!

Me Shprese (With Hope),
TACO Albania team