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TACO Albania Spring - Prayer Update #5

May 9, 2015

Greetings from Albania!

Our show on Thursday was in the 100% Muslim village of Rogozhina. A pastor and others from an established church in nearby Lushnja are planning on starting the first church ever in Rogozhina in October. Our event helped them establish relationships and plant seeds in the community.

The top of the steps outside a theater in the center of town made for a nice elevated stage. The theater also houses political offices. The secretary director was in his office when we were setting up and he questioned us suspiciously, wondering what organization we were with. Once he learned who we were and that we weren't representing any political party, he relaxed and wanted a selfie with Dustin, Kampion Bote (World Champion). Truth be told, during the show more than one member of our team scanned the nearby mosque and tall buildings for snipers but thankfully, there were none to be found.

We had a great crowd in front of us, as well as from the cafes surrounding the square. The show went great and people listened intently to the testimonies and Gospel. A lady was so moved by Neville's song introduction of God healing a friend and her unborn baby, that she came on stage and handed him a bunch of roses as he played. When Dustin shared the Gospel, many raised their hands indicating a desire to follow Jesus! After we had packed up and were about 40 minutes down the road, Sabri got a call from the pastor who said that he was so happy with the show and that there was still a buzz in the square where we had performed with many conversations about Jesus still happening.

Today, Friday, we had a fun show under the hot afternoon sun in a suburb of Tirane at a beautiful center for vulnerable youth. When we arrived, the mosque next door was blaring Friday's "sermon". The students (mostly 15-20 yrs. old) at the center were the most well behaved and respectful audience we've seen in Albania so far. It was special to hear so many verbally repeating the prayer of commitment to follow Jesus. The volunteers started this center in this poor, Muslim area because of the needs of many wives and children who are abused. It is now a regular hangout for students where they experience God's love.

Our originally scheduled show for tomorrow, Saturday, fell through so we are going with Plan B. As long as we don't get rained out and even though we don't have the permissions, we'll perform in an area in Tirane know as the Airfield because during communism it was a military airport.

Thank you for your continued prayers for health for our team as well as for God's continued work in the lives of those touched by His love through our events.

Me Shprese (With Hope),
TACO Albania team