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TACO Kyrgyzstan - Prayer Update #4

May 28, 2015


We've had some intense days with several hours of meetings with our Kyrgyz organizer, as we try to understand how some of the finances have been allocated. It has exposed some issues that have needed to be addressed for quite some time. It's been tough but will be good in the long run and will hopefully allow partnership with the Kyrgyz team here to continue with more accountability.

Chris was down for the count yesterday, Monday, after throwing up all night. He is joining us today, but is still recovering. Please pray for complete healing for him!

Our show in Bishkek Monday evening organized by one of the largest church in Central Asia (Jesus Christ Church) was our largest yet with an estimated audience of 500. We set up in the intersection of paths in a large park. Many from the church were there to help us and they even had a generator ready for us. Since our venue was deep into the park, our van drove along the large sidewalk to unload our equipment. It didn't stay long, but as it tried to leave, the police stopped it to question our driver and organizers for half an hour, upset that he drove in. We thought the equipment would have to be carried out of the park at the end, but after the police watched our show, they liked it so much that they welcomed the van right back into the park for us to reload.

Since Chris wasn't with us, Erin took the lead both singing and playing clarinet for God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman with Hannah accompanying on guitar. They did great and inspired a little girl standing behind them to do an interpretive dance throughout the song. Dustin wasn't able to share much about God in this venue. He told people if they wanted to find out what filled the emptiness in his heart since his gold medal didn't, talk to us afterwards or come to the show Tuesday night at the church.

We have lost access to the church in Tokmok which was our only team gathering place. Because of that, mixed with the dangerous accommodations for Dave and Chris, we are relocating today to Bishkek to stay in one nice, rented apartment all together. We have an 11am show at an elderly home, then an evening show at Jesus Christ Church.

Thanks for your prayers for God to use us to share His love with the people of Kyrgyzstan. Please also pray that many from last night's event will come to the church outreach tonight and hear the full message of God's love. Thanks!

Kudaiym batasyn bersin sizge (Kyrgyz for "My God will bless you"),

TACO Kyrgyzstan Team