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TACO Kyrgyzstan - Prayer update #6

May 30, 2015

Well Hello There!

Thursday we drove to Kara-Balta for an evening show organized by a local church. We performed on a permanent stage in a park in front of a government building. We were told not to share openly from the stage and to be careful because halfway through the KGB was asking questions about us. A few hundred people came and enjoyed the show.

Afterward we learned that the church people were mingling in the crowd during the show, sharing Jesus and inviting people to church. One church member said he talked to 15 people. We talked to and prayed with 2 teen believers who said it's not easy to be a Christian in a Muslim country. Another young man from the church said he sees how much God loves them because we came to them all the way from American and other countries. He said a fire was lit in them through our performance and he realizes that if we can come from so far away to share God's love, they can use what they have to share with their own people. A Christian family came who have 28 kids: 4 of their own, 24 adopted. They only brought 8 kids to the show but we were excited to meet such a special family. The parents are involved in leadership ministry at the church and beamed with God's love.

Unfortunately Chris was not well again on Friday and stayed home to rest. Our show that evening was on dirt in a Bishkek park and before long we had a layer of dust on everything. We were told this was a closed event which we've learned means here that we can share the whole Gospel as long as it's from a personal perspective. Dustin did just that and people listened intently. This event helped the local church connect with their community. They handed out ice cream to all the kids afterwards.

We had dinner at a huge and fancy restaurant with traditional Kyrgyz food. Dave had a meeting with local pastors in the VIP dining room about TACO's future Kyrgyzstan partnerships, while us common folk enjoyed our meal in the courtyard by a fountain. One of the pastors blessed us by paying for our entire team's dinner.

Please pray for energy for our last few days in Kyrgyzstan and that God will use us powerfully to share Him. Thanks team!

Kudaiym batasyn bersin sizge (Kyrgyz for "My God will bless you"),

TACO Kyrgyzstan Team