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Two Turkey tours coming up

May 10, 2014

We have two tours happening at more or less the same time in Turkey starting next week. Please pray for the...

Face-to-face Tour

  • Good connections with believers in the cities we go to. We would like to see nationals get a vision for taking the street outreach concept and incorporating it in their own city and province.
  • This is a brand new show about creation, the fall and how God made a way to get back to the garden. Pray that it speaks deeply to those who see it.
  • With under a week to go, there are still lots of last-minute preparations for the new show.
  • Drama rehearsals have gone well, but pray for the team to develop a synergy with one another both in general and in the performances...that they would be unified in every way.
  • For many seeds of the good news to be planted in the hearts of many who have never had the chance to hear the Gospel before.

Team Stone Tour

  • This tour will travel over 3,000 km (1,800 miles). Presently both our equipment and passenger vans have issues. Our equipment van still needs a special document for us to drive legally. Our passenger van is on the Face-to-face tour. We are in the process of finding another to rent. Pray that these things happen before we need to hit the road.
  • On this tour we will have a martial arts presentation. One of the key elements in their presentation are cement blocks for breaking. The ones they need are not standard blocks, and custom made ones are VERY expensive. We now hope to make the blocks ourselves but need to buy forms to make them. Pray that this all comes together.
  • As is always the case we want to share as openly as possible at every venue. We plan to do a very clear presentation in a drama that we do at every show. We will also be giving out DVD's either to every one who fills out a survey for follow-up or to several in a drawing at the end of the shows. In summary may God give us wisdom to be bold yet wise.