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Musings from Taco-ites

Since using the arts as a vehicle for sharing our faith in Jesus with Muslims is our "stock-in-trade" you might say, some of us occasionally have a few thoughts on the matter. As they say in Turkish "işte bunlar..." (here they are...)

Parable of the Prom

by monky

Parable of the PromIt used to frustrate me. I’d explain some aspect of the Gospel at a concert in the clearest way I knew with a culturally appropriate story followed by a succinct explanation of the point I was trying to make. Sometimes it might even draw a round...

PR for Jesus: Learning from the Gay Lobby

by monky

PR for Jesus: Learning from the Gay LobbyOne thing that's on the agenda of many governments these days is that of homosexual marriage. I am not going to debate the rights and wrongs of such a policy change. It is the fact that societies around the world are seriously trying to decide...

Allergic to the Gospel

by monky

A friend of mine who has been at the task of sharing the Gospel with people in Turkey for many more years than I, once made the remark that most people here are allergic to the Gospel. It was an interesting comment, and if it is actually true, one...

Is it safe? (take 2)

by wonka

I have been asked several times through the years the questions "is it safe?" or "is it dangerous?". I wrote something up for one group and then sent it out several times as a standard reply. You can find the general letter below.

I was asked to...

Is it safe?

by monky

We often get asked the question: "Is it safe to tell large groups of Muslim people about Jesus out in the open?"

Too often I suspect this question comes from a position of fear. Folks who ask us this have usually only experienced Islam via the...