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Musings from Taco-ites

Since using the arts as a vehicle for sharing our faith in Jesus with Muslims is our "stock-in-trade" you might say, some of us occasionally have a few thoughts on the matter. As they say in Turkish "işte bunlar..." (here they are...)

Unknowable Gods

by Yellowstone

Minaret Istanbul Islam Sunrise

On our very first morning in Istanbul, before the sun was fully up, my son and I were awakened by the call to prayer. It was being projected over a PA-system from a mosque about two blocks from us, and he was frightened by the unfamiliar...

Hospitality Test

by Aslan

Turkish Party Food

Love one another...outdo one another in showing honor.. And seek to show hospitality.” (Romans 12:9-13)

Every time I travel back and forth from America to Turkey, I notice afresh the differences in each culture. There are strengths and...

İsa dirildi! O gerçekten dirildi!

by aylin

Rab dirildi!

Christ is risen - He is risen indeed! Some of us on the team who have been around for many years remember when Easter was not much of a celebration in the Turkish church. Christmas at least was a concept they knew from movies and it fit in well...

The Epiphany is you

by aylin

Christ in you 

You'd be surprised if you came to Turkey during December. You wouldn't expect in a country that is over 99% Muslim to find sparkling lights, pine trees decked in red and green baubles and images of Santa Claus. But don't think it's about...

What's that smell?

by monky

Air Freshener 226x150As part of helping new team members understand the culture of the country they find themselves in, I took a new guy to visit a local mosque last Friday. It's actually been quite a while since I've sat inside a mosque for Friday prayers so it was...

Iranians reaching out to Afghans

by monky

SlkfsdkhdA couple of weeks ago, we went to a part of Istanbul where there are tons of minorities - and finished up at the seafront performing to hundreds of Afghan nationals, mostly refugees living in the area. Despite the very friendly and interested...

Successful missions recruiting "outside the box"

by monky

Jesus Needs You Thumb 170x228I recently heard of a mission organisation that had been extremely successful in recruiting members. They hadn't done it using the traditional "send-people-to-theology-school-first" or "short-term-training-opportunities" approaches that most...

What will people think?

by monky

PersonIt is pretty well known that one of biggest reasons Muslims stay Muslim is the strength of social conformity. The reaction you will face as a Muslim for abandoning your faith will vary significantly from country to country and between different...

Curse your enemies

by monky

A few days ago I was sharing the faith with a passionate Muslim man here in Istanbul. For well over an hour, we  talked about many things. It came up in conversation that my new friend thought that our two faiths were pretty similar in terms...