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Since using the arts as a vehicle for sharing our faith in Jesus with Muslims is our "stock-in-trade" you might say, some of us occasionally have a few thoughts on the matter. As they say in Turkish "işte bunlar..." (here they are...)

Successful missions recruiting "outside the box"

by monky

Jesus Needs You Thumb 170x228I recently heard of a mission organisation that had been extremely successful in recruiting members. They hadn't done it using the traditional "send-people-to-theology-school-first" or "short-term-training-opportunities" approaches that most...

What will people think?

by monky

PersonIt is pretty well known that one of biggest reasons Muslims stay Muslim is the strength of social conformity. The reaction you will face as a Muslim for abandoning your faith will vary significantly from country to country and between different...

Curse your enemies

by monky

A few days ago I was sharing the faith with a passionate Muslim man here in Istanbul. For well over an hour, we  talked about many things. It came up in conversation that my new friend thought that our two faiths were pretty similar in terms...

Hearts and Minds

by monky

Woman SmokingMy mother was a smoker - but she only smoked at home or on social occasions. She would never smoke on the street or in a car. As a child I remember her telling me this on many occasions, and she would look down on people - especially other women -...

Latest Face-to-face Street Show

by monky

Well, this is not really a blog entry, just a note to let you know that the new street show (The Gardener) that we've been working on has been finished and you can watch the video of our first ever live performance.

It's all in Turkish of course...

Parable of the Prom

by monky

Parable of the PromIt used to frustrate me. I’d explain some aspect of the Gospel at a concert in the clearest way I knew with a culturally appropriate story followed by a succinct explanation of the point I was trying to make. Sometimes it might even draw a round...

PR for Jesus: Learning from the Gay Lobby

by monky

PR for Jesus: Learning from the Gay LobbyOne thing that's on the agenda of many governments these days is that of homosexual marriage. I am not going to debate the rights and wrongs of such a policy change. It is the fact that societies around the world are seriously trying to decide...

Allergic to the Gospel

by monky

A friend of mine who has been at the task of sharing the Gospel with people in Turkey for many more years than I, once made the remark that most people here are allergic to the Gospel. It was an interesting comment, and if it is actually true, one...