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Since using the arts as a vehicle for sharing our faith in Jesus with Muslims is our "stock-in-trade" you might say, some of us occasionally have a few thoughts on the matter. As they say in Turkish "işte bunlar..." (here they are...)

Art for art's sake, or art for God's sake?

by monky

Blog Piano I suspect it's an old chestnut that Christians who want to use the arts for evangelism have struggled with through the ages: should my main focus beon the art, or should it be the evangelistic message? Can I somehow do both without compromising...

Is it safe? (take 2)

by wonka

I have been asked several times through the years the questions "is it safe?" or "is it dangerous?". I wrote something up for one group and then sent it out several times as a standard reply. You can find the general letter below.

I was asked to...

How do visual artists think?

by monky

All of us work in different ways, but here goes a nice link from a chap explaining how he sketches out and thinks through his artwork. So much Christian visual art (at least from the evangelical circles I have moved in, and especially when it is...

Is it safe?

by monky

We often get asked the question: "Is it safe to tell large groups of Muslim people about Jesus out in the open?"

Too often I suspect this question comes from a position of fear. Folks who ask us this have usually only experienced Islam via the...

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