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1999 Tours

We did 6 tours in 1999.

    Kurios in Turkey

    April 29 - May 09

    Kurios hails from Ohio, Colorado and Texas, USA.

    Tour Highlights

    The band played in Antalya, Yalvaç (Pisidian Antioch), Isparta, Bursa, Ankara and Izmit. The Antalya, Yalvaç & Isparta concerts were in conjunction with the St. Paul’s March. In Pisidian Antioch there were over a hundred Muslim Turks dancing to “We Want To See Jesus Lifted High!” It was also the first time we played on a university campus; at the university in Bursa, there were around 700 students in attendance.

    Fletch Wiley in Turkey

    June 04 - June 14

    Fletch Wiley has produced jingles, theatrical releases, and movie soundtracks in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco, London, and Oslo. he is a Jazz Trumpet/Flute/Fluegelhorn musician, as well as a worship leader. Check out the Fletch Wiley website.

    Tour HighlightsVideo

    Fletch Wiley toured in Istanbul and Bursa. There was a positive response at the Gedikpasa church in Istanbul with a few professions of faith. We also had a great concert at Uludag University in Bursa with excellent interaction with the students. Check out a video from the tour

    Fletch Wiley

    Big Day Out in Turkey

    July 05 - July 26

    Big Day Out came to Turkey in 1999 from Minnesota, USA.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured Istanbul, Ankara, Izmit, Izmir, Marmaris and Antakya. It was a great door opener in Samandag (Antakya area) with a turnout of 5000 people in a town of 45,000. This type of event had never happened here before. Also, this is the first time we had had someone perform in Marmaris.

    Scott Allen Hansen in Turkey

    August 04 - August 23

    An American pastor living in Italy playing a lyrical blend of acoustic rock. Not content to woo audiences with his great voice, Scott would sometimes resort to balloon tricks to capture the attention of his crowd.

    Tour Highlights

    Scott performed in Çanakkale, Antakya, Antalya, Marmaris and Ankara. Unfortunately, we had a major accident with our minibus. Despite that, we were encouraged by the positive response to our first-ever tour in Canakkale. We had a great mini-concert in tea garden where the gospel was shared openly, as well as a turnout of 1500 in Selucia... another great breakthrough! A number of professions of faith were made with one in Ankara praying to receive Christ. "I would like more info through you booklets and also to meet and talk with someone more about Jesus Christ." (Concert attendee.)

    Scott Allen Hansen

    Echelon in Turkey

    September 23 - October 15

    A super-likeable Canadian rock-band offer high energy rock originals and oddball takes of a few covers. [Broke up in 2002]

    Tour Highlights

    Echelon played in Antakya, Marmaris and Istanbul. We had great concerts in Antakya with good interest at the acoustic concert. Some serious seekers responded. Also a real encouragement to the local believers was the open follow-up concert we did after several large concerts. Approximately 1 billion lira was raised for earthquake relief. Some serious seekers responded. One girl prayed to receive Christ after a concert in Marmaris.


    Los Vecinos in Turkey

    November 08 - November 22

    Los Vecinos is a group from France, Spain and the USA.

    Tour Highlights

    Los Vecinos ministered in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Antakya and Adana. This tour put the Bursa church “on the map” for serious seekers. 500 million was raised for earthquake relief thre. We got super responses in Antakya as well. 92 surveys were received- 89 asked for literature and BCC details and 69 asked to meet with someone to talk more of Christ. 78 surveys were received in Adana; 71 signed up for BCC and many requested personal visits. A number of professions of faith were also made in the aftermath of the Istanbul concerts.