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2004 Tours

We did 9 tours in 2004.

    EVERETT in Turkey

    April 2004

    EVERETT is an excellent alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona.

    Tour Highlights

    They had 8 concerts in 5 cities; two had never been visited by TACO. They performed in Isparta for an Easter outreach for 4 cities and many unbelievers. There was heavy opposition and the day before the event we had to change venues because of bomb threats. In Adiyaman was the first big outreach event that had ever been organized in the city and it was highly scrutinized by the local authorities. The concert had been well advertised and was attended by about 300-400. Lots of great contacts were made that night and an emerging church and its faith was brought to the forefront.


    Bill Drake in Turkey

    May 2004

    Bill Drake, a published author and musician, using his songwriting to talk about his faith in Jesus Christ, and how God had redeemed his early life from brokenness performs his encouraging and uplifting brand of keyboard-driven symphonic rock with a full band. Check out the Bill Drake website.

    Tour Highlights

    The BILL DRAKE team brought a production that was an extravaganza of high quality music, mime, dance and video. Comments on the concert quality and the power of Bill’s testimony were common everywhere we went. There were 7 concerts in 10 days over 3000 kilometers. At least 4 people made professions of faith during the tour and others in the follow-up. In each city that we visited we were able to share the message of Christ quite openly to large crowds. And though some (maybe even many) were either lethargic or vehement against our message, there were always some who wanted to talk.

    Bill Drake on tour

    Isaiah 6 in Kazakhstan

    May 2004

    Isaiah Six is the traveling team of Isaiah 6 Ministries, an evangelism and worship ministry based out of New York State. Isaiah Six travels the world focusing not only on doing evangelism, but also on training up and mobilizing the body of Christ. They use their acoustic guitar driven music and service to stir the body of Christ to "GO into all nations" and to a greater devotion to Jesus Christ. Check out the Isaiah 6 website.

    Tour Highlights

    It was one of the biggest tours ever as more than 8000 people were reached. "When we go to work in the harvest fields with TACO, we teach our teams that we must be flexible. Such was the case on our trip to Kazakhstan. We arrived ready to do a government-sanctioned 'anti-drug' tour. Our first concert was attended by some 1500-2000 people but the government canceled our tour after the first concert. God had another plan. Door after door opened to orphanages, street and market outreaches, and private venues. The result was that some 550 people prayed to receive Christ.” - Derek Levendusky

    Isaiah 6 on tour

    Carton Jaune in Turkey

    July 2004

    Carton Jaune has been playing together since 1998, when their first self-titled album was released. Russ Speiser and Durand Robinson form the core of this songwriting duo.

    Tour Highlights

    CARTON JAUNE made their second appearance with TACO. Over a two week period they did seven concerts in five cities. The message of the Prodigal Son seemed to be our theme as Russ (singer and leader of Carton Jaune) shared that story at almost all our venues, tying it in so well to the culture here. That story and the testimony of God's work in the life of Russ and John were powerful moments within the concerts. 175 surveys were filled out with most requesting personal follow-up. "I would be very happy if you could send me more information about your religion." (Dervish, student)

    Carton Jaune on tour

    Next Exit in Kyrgyzstan

    July 28 - August 14

    Next Exit is a blues band.

    Tour Highlights

    We had 10 concerts including one in a jazz club, several in public concert halls, two in prisons, and one in a large circus tent! At the public venues attendance ranged from about 150 to 500. As they had the opportunity to complete surveys at the end of the concert, we estimate that 150 -175 people indicated that they had prayed to receive Christ. Although the country is 80% Muslim, we did not encounter any difficulties in sharing the gospel. In fact everywhere we went we encountered genuine spiritual hunger. One special joy was teaching Italian team member Adriano some American slang!

    Next Exit on tour

    Cory Cali in Turkey

    August 2004

    The Cory Cali Band is a a rock/jazz fusion band led by guitarist and singer Cory Cali.

    Tour Highlights

    Five of the last six years have found us at the Troy Festival in Canakkale. The Saturday afternoon concert produced some who seemed to be new believers. Three guys came from a city 70 km away on both Saturday afternoons and seem to be the makings of a possible new church plant. Worldly people stood in rapt attention listening to the message that turned into deeper conversations after the concert. We continued on for two concerts in Izmir. “I was unhappy and without peace until I met you. Now my thoughts and mind are totally changed. Like you I want to live a fulfilled life." Birkan

    Cory Cali on tour

    Roads II Rome in Turkey

    August 2004

    The alternative rock band ROADS II ROME hails from Nashville, Tennessee.

    Tour Highlights

    The numbers varied at the various concerts, from less than a hundred in a town near the Syrian border to over 1000 spellbound fans at the Troya Festival in Canakkale on the Aegean Sea. The exciting thing is that the gospel was heard by many for the first time. Survey quotes: "...My one wish is to follow and to learn more about Christianity!" Ferit (who has already done a couple of our correspondence courses and believed) "The thing that I enjoyed the most from this concert is how the group share God's word in the form of song and faith is emphasized." Kasım

    Roads II Rome

    Zechariah in Turkey

    November 2004

    Zechariah is a Christian singer who has toured with various musicians to create the Zechariah band.

    Tour Highlights

    In one town, the news that a Christian band was coming to town produced an anti-Christian newspaper article, full of lies about us. There were seeds of a possible riot brewing and sure enough, about 40 members of the ultra nationalist party showed up at the beginning of the concert. They were recognized by the police and were ushered out before the concert began. Two people eventually prayed to receive Christ during the tour. “Our Christmas program went well. 3 people who initially came from the Zechariah concert in November made professions of faith.” - church leader in Antakya


    Zechariah in Kyrgyzstan

    November 2004

    Zechariah is a Christian singer who has toured with various musicians to create the Zechariah band.

    Tour Highlights

    Local musicians Sasha and Serik played bass and saxophone. The team had a powerful ministry of praying for people at the end of the concerts. Nearly every night people came with specific prayer requests; many people prayed to receive Christ. "I was constantly amazed by very poor people with few material things coming up for prayer instead of asking for physical needs!" -Zechariah By the end of the tour, Zechariah and band had played 9 concerts in 6 cities for more than 2000 people.

    Zechariah on tour