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2003 Tours

We did 11 tours in 2003.

    Isaiah 6 in Turkey

    February 20 - March 07

    Isaiah Six is the traveling team of Isaiah 6 Ministries, an evangelism and worship ministry based out of New York State. Isaiah Six travels the world focusing not only on doing evangelism, but also on training up and mobilizing the body of Christ. They use their acoustic guitar driven music and service to stir the body of Christ to "GO into all nations" and to a greater devotion to Jesus Christ. Check out the Isaiah 6 website.

    Tour Highlights

    The Isaiah Six group did 10 concerts in 6 cities. There were many professions of faith and the tour was FUN. Although Isaiah Six was billed as a Rock/Pop band, by the end of the tour their style was more likeRock/Pop/ Hip Hop/Rap/Beat Box/African/Latin/ Break dance/Tae Kwando! They actually sang one song in Spanish, one song in Swahili and two songs in Turkish! There were many memorable concerts in Izmir, Istanbul, Antakya, etc. As a result of a cancelled concert, we stumbled upon the power of spontaneous, open-air concerts! We were able to reach hundreds just setting up in a street.

    Isaiah 6 on tour

    Carton Jaune in Kazakhstan

    May 2003

    Carton Jaune has been playing together since 1998, when their first self-titled album was released. Russ Speiser and Durand Robinson form the core of this songwriting duo.

    Tour Highlights

    "Our last concert was at New Life church, and while it was nice to have the lighting and sound capabilities of the church, it was a little disconcerting to be followed around by the CNL camera people who were filming the concert with the eventual goal to broadcast the concert to about 74 countries in Europe and Central Asia! At every concert each band member was given an opportunity to share a testimony with the crowd, and most times an invitation was given for people to receive Christ. Afterwards, we mingled with the people who came." Russ Speiser (leader of Carton Jaune in Kazakhstan)

    Carton Jaune on tour

    Viewfinder in Kazakhstan

    May/June 2003

    Viewfinder was a very musically talented, eclectic band that borrows from rock, jazz, pop, funk and blues. They have a great heart for ministry, especially for sharing the Gospel in the Muslim world.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured 7 cities in south Kazakhstan. "At one concert Chetin even shared that he was once Muslim and how he found Christ. We were full on sharing Jesus' name: Awesome time of openness, more than I have seen in a Muslim country. Many people were touched and received a gospel or book of the Psalms. After last night's concert we were invited out by the mayor; I presented a signed copy to the Mayor encouraging him with a toast to accept this book which holds great wisdom; he accepted it graciously." Steve Mills (leader of Viewfinder)

    Viewfinder on tour

    Viewfinder in Turkey

    June 2003

    Viewfinder was a very musically talented, eclectic band that borrows from rock, jazz, pop, funk and blues. They have a great heart for ministry, especially for sharing the Gospel in the Muslim world.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured 7 cities in Turkey. "I spoke with a man my own age after the show. He told me he had lived in the USA for 4 years and while there came to know and believe in our Lord and Savior. He now depends on the few brothers and sisters with whom he shares his faith, for here he feels isolated. He spoke of how important our music was for him and their fellowship. I think maybe my own tears showed a little, for in his words I felt the words of my own heart, my own personal experience, going from an Islamic background to an everlasting home in Jesus." Chetin Basaran (Viewfinder bass player)

    Viewfinder on tour

    Lodestar in Turkey

    July 2003

    Lodestar is a USA group that combines rock, folk and pop to share the Gospel.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured 4 cities in Turkey.

    Lodestar on tour

    Ramshackle in Turkey

    August 2003

    Ramshackle is an American rock band from Iowa, U.S.A.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured 5 cities in Turkey. "I have never had a sense of God’s divine providence moment by moment as I did on this trip. It has been grueling to say the least. The band rarely complained and has been gracious to honor all kinds of interesting fan requests. They’ve been tired after each concert spent time with everyone who asked for it. They have signed hundreds of autographs; posed for photos with scores of teenagers and communicated in any possible. If we return, we are sure to find familiar faces that say, “Ramshackle, do you remember me?” Tim Calcara - Co-manager of Ramshackle

    Ramshackle on tour

    Next Exit in North Africa


    Next Exit is a blues band.

    Tour Highlights

    This is the third music tour that has been done here. New challenges, new struggles, new open doors, new contacts and more ground taken for His Kingdom. This tour afforded more open sharing about God. Hundreds heard the good news in open-air meetings, in music clubs, youth centers and in the only two official churches in the country. "At one concert a young man pled with us, "How can I have my sins forgiven?" We gave him a New Testament. One week later he returned to a second concert where he told us of his new faith in the cross of Jesus!" - Sharon (Next Exit member)

    Next Exit on tour

    Scott Allen Hansen in Turkey

    September 2003

    An American pastor living in Italy playing a lyrical blend of acoustic rock. Not content to woo audiences with his great voice, Scott would sometimes resort to balloon tricks to capture the attention of his crowd.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured 4 cities in Turkey.

    Scott Allen Hansen on tour

    Esoteric in Turkey

    October 2003

    Esoteric was a Christian band from Brantford, Ontario. The band toured extensively throughout Ontario from 2001 to 2005. "Bringing the music without losing the message" was their focus. With an alternative rock style and songs characterized by melody and thoughtful and mature lyrics, Esoteric was nominated for a 2003 VIBE Award for Best Rock Album.

    Tour Highlights

    We toured 6 cities in Turkey.

    Esoteric on tour

    Zion's Call in Kyrgyzstan

    November 2003

    Zion's Call is a pop/rock group from the USA.

    Tour Highlights

    This was our first tour in Kyrgyzstan. Over 500 surveys were collected from the concerts. A number of professions were made. It is evident that the potential ministry impact is great. At every event there was positive feedback from the pastors involved. Most of them said clearly that they wanted to have more groups come and TACO is ready to help churches looking for outreach opportunities. There is a need and it seems a desire among the church leaders for more relevant means of sharing the gospel in their communities.

    Zion's Call on tour

    Louis Brittz in Turkey

    November 2003

    Louis Brittz, a 44-year old lawyer by training, is a trendsetting South African singer/songwriter of Christian Music, worship leader, music producer and public speaker (on worship-related topics).
    Louis has performed with Steven Curtis Chapman, Kirk Franklin, The Newsboys, Third Day and Sonic Flood on their tours to South Africa. Check out the Louis Brittz website.

    Tour Highlights

    Louis Brittz went to 5 cities in Turkey.

    Louis Brittz on tour