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2001 Tours

We did 7 tours in 2001.

    Eppic Mime in Kazakhstan

    April 15 - April 30

    Eppic Mime is a mime show that clearly portrays the Gospel message without using any words! Check out the Eppic Mime website.

    Tour Highlights

    The shows were well-attended, but often local government pressure meant that we could not share the Gospel message as part as our performance. However, we were able to talk with many seekers after events. The most encouraging performance was in Satpaev, in a shockingly modern arts center. This theater sat at least 1000 and was filled to capacity. The local authorities almost forced a cancellation of the show but relented and put heavy restrictions on what could be said so no invitation was given. But a clear gospel message was proclaimed and the officials weren't too displeased.

    Eppic Mime in Turkey

    May 03 - May 20

    Eppic Mime is a mime show that clearly portrays the Gospel message without using any words! Check out the Eppic Mime website.

    Tour Highlights

    This dedicated pantomime troupe played in 7 cities in Turkey, giving 20 performances to approximately 3000 people! They played before 700 students at Kocaeli University in Izmit, to packed audiences in Ankara, in the city square in Kusadasi, and before the mayor and city officials in Avanos. Four people made professions of faith after the last performance in Antakya. 165 surveys were filled out with 120 requesting follow-up by post and 85 asking for personal follow-up.

    Selah in Turkey

    May 21 - June 04

    Offering an eclectic mix of swing, Latin and acid jazz with powerful Gospel lyrics, the ten-member Australian Jazz Ensemble "Selah," is a highly original, innovative jazz ensemble comprising some of the most exciting young jazz musicians in Australia. Comprising bass, drums, guitar, piano, voice and five-piece horn section, this ensemble brings a sophistication to the Christian music scene in Australia. Selah delivers a mood setting, reflective and refined selection of often hymn-like songs honoring the 'cool jazz' of the 50's musically, and the Rock of Ages with their Scripture-based lyrics.

    Tour Highlights

    This one of the most professional and musically talented TACO groups ever! We received our best-ever response to a concert in Ankara, and 4 people in Antakya are regularly attending churches. The tour ended with a wonderful concert in a castle on a hill on an island near Kusadasi. "I come from a Muslim family. I am aware that my knowledge of Jesus is very minimal. I always pray to God but rarely receive any answers to my prayers. I loved your band. Thank you so much for enlightening me. May Jesus Christ be among us all." - (Dinçer, student)

    Arizona Artists in Turkey

    June 04 - June 24

    Arizona Artists is a 25-member dance and drama company. They often perform "Overcoming the Dominion of Darkness," a theater/ dance performance summarizing the Bible story from creation through the resurrection of Christ.

    Tour Highlights

    There were 14 performances in 9 cities to approximately 5,500 people. We had our largest crowd yet in Antakya, as well as a protest in the middle of the performance by far right wing group in Mersin! There were three professions of faith in Izmir - all becoming baptized believers by the end of the year. We gathered 312 surveys, many requesting personal follow-up. "The energy of faith reflected on stage was beautiful and reached the audience. It brought to life the time period it was portraying." - (Cenk)

    Tramburger in Turkey

    July 01 - July 08

    This dynamic acoustic duo is composed of Lisa Trammell & Charles de Bueger playing acoustic rock/pop!

    Tour Highlights

    Charles and Lisa pioneered this type of acoustic tour in Turkey. Probably the largest crowd of the year in Selçuk (500-700 people). Highlight of the tour was a concert on a boat in the Mediterranean for 100 captive people who listened intently to the gospel. 32 surveys were filled out! "The words were like poems and full of love… Music that allows people to find their true selves." - (Irem - 15 year old girl) "Arizona Artists came here before you. I liked them a lot also. I want to truly thank you for coming. I wait anxiously to receive your book 'Who Can be Saved.'" - (Fatma -student)

    Echelon in Turkey

    July 14 - July 26

    A super-likeable Canadian rock-band offer high energy rock originals and oddball takes of a few covers. [Broke up in 2002]

    Tour Highlights

    A surprise element on this tour the gifts and stage presence of vocalist Lisa Trammell. We played a bar concert in Antakya and the band did Turkish folk dancing with the Turks! There, we advertised for our more Gospel-centered concerts in Antakya. The concerts in Antakya resulted in a woman praying to receive Christ. At least 4-5 others made commitments and the meetings are full of enquirers every week. Most encouraging of all, a man named Hakan heard the music, came to our concert, and ended up being baptized in November We were especially encouraged to draw over 2000 people in Avanos.


    Gabriel in Turkey

    August 09 - August 20

    GABRIEL was formed in 1978 by Robin Lyle and Jeff Walter and then later joined by Robert Noland in 1985. They released 8 records during their 15 years as a band. They play blues and jazz. Check out the Gabriel website.

    Tour Highlights

    The tour was fraught with vehicle problems, cancellations, etc. After a good first concert, the next couple concerts were poorly attended and the music style didn't seem to match the crowd. At one venue, we found we did not have permission to play, but by the time permission was granted, the personal talks with the people hanging around were going so well, we cancelled the concert and continued just talking with seekers. We finished with a couple more successful concerts. Although it was a hard tour, a lot of sharing was done and there has been promising follow-up. We had 74 surveys filled.